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fifa 2017 steamHow To Import PES 2018 PS4 OF in PC Steam

2017-10-31 17:58 provenance:未知 sentiment: comments(0

copy WEPES folder and paste in /Documents/Konami/Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 folder

check Overwriting image files of the same name and click OK

So it worked? I only have goalkeepers in the squads when i start a match. Have no idea what i am missing. Tried everything

download PS4 OF and extract archive. You can use OF fromPS4 patch section.

Ive compiled a set of OFs to import, but alongside PTE patch to fill in the missing teams left still.

open game, go to EDIT Data Management Import/Export Import Team Select All Files (x)

Edited Data Saving. Please do not turn off your system.

You can also check this video tutorial by Gindahere on youtube.

PES 2017 Marco Asensio Face by A.Hamdy Face Maker

Chelsea has the white BPL patch on the shoulder. Not the gold one because they are champion

onPES 2018 Tattoo Pack v2 by Galacton FaceEditor

How To Activate PES 2017 In Steam In 10 Steps

The real players were imported when checking the Edit menu but missing in Match mode. Turns out that having Live Update ON in the Match screen seemed to mess it up, turned it off and now I have all the real players.

next, again go to EDIT Data Management Import/Export Import Team Import Competition Select All Files (x)

check Overwriting image files of the same name and OK

wait until Finished importing data. click OK

* 100% working withPES 2018 WEHK Community OF v0.1 For PS4

onPES 2016 Cristiano Ronaldo Face Update 29.10 by Shenawy

PES2018 PS4 OF is compatible with PC / Steam version:


go back Finish editing and return to Top Menu? and click YES

I have the same problem as Lerutos. Doesnt work on PC: Every not licensed team which I overwrite the .ted-file has only goalkeeper clones in their squads. Has someone a clarification how we can get it worked or afix? Thank you in advance.

PES 2016 Steam ID / PSN IDS / Windows Live ID

I have tried, with or without PTE installed, and I am continually getting errorsinconsistent ones that tell me that it failed to Load team, or licensing error. However Ive done a few resets and have gotten the teams to load, but then other teams will fail. Is there a reason this is happening, or something I can do to avoid it?

This changes team names and competition names, kits, badges etc. but it DOES NOT change transfers / rosters. Neymar is still at Barcelona etc Be warned.

Thanks to you, I patched my PES 2018 steam version.

Sorry but this doesnt work for me. says import failed. Downloaded the file right from here and the link and did the exact instructions.

onPES 2018 Paulinho V2 (Tattoos + Mini Face) by bmS

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