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FIFA 15 (PC DVD) indiafifa 15 pc buy

2017-10-15 13:05 provenance:未知 sentiment: comments(0

as here in india there are a lot of pc users who play the game.. please dont force us to play the pirated versions from torrent..

and here in india people are selling the game for rs 5000 where as in origin its only 3500 and 3999 rs for ultimate team edition..

ea please dont avoid us.. indian game users of pc version..

its a humble request to please make the fifa 15 physical discs available at the same price as in the origin..

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i would really like to buy it from origin but.. my internet connection wont allow me too

because here we dont have a fast internet connection.. so its not possible to download the game..


please at least after a month make this thing possible.. we would really like to pay and play the game,, but there is no possible source only way is to download which is not possible.. and so the sellers are use of this by selling it for more price..

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