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On June 16, 2017, during the annual brand conference of Tencent e-sports, FIFA ONLINE 3 joined hands with 10 Super Clubs and released officially the Chinese E-Sports Football League CEFL. This will be another milestone in the field of FIFA ONLINE 3. And it is also the product of the Chinese sports industry and the e-sports industry. On the hand of commentary, it will still keep the form of football commentator + e-sports game anchor + Anchorwoman.

From the FO3 professional league to the Chinese e-sports football league, Tencent takes the key step in the development of sports + e-sports. The entire industry has been the initial scale of the ecological system.

The first Chinese Football E-Sports League will start in early August, after the conference, all the super clubs will immediately start the qualification trails of players of fans. And the biggest highlight of the league will be the combination model of football star + football fans + professional players.

On one hand, there are Super Clubs stars that fans recognized joined in the e-sports teams. They will play their superb skills and personal charm to the match, to further expand the clubs development space. The e-sports professional players can keep the professional Level of the match and enhance the degree of exciting match. On the other hand, the players will be choose by the ordinary match. After they signed with the e-sports teams, they will also become the main force who contribute for their football teams.

After the first 10 super clubs joined in the Chinese e-sports football league, we believe it will continue to attract other clubs to join in. The combination model of football star + football fans + professional players has covered the related groups including football and e-sports, the players and teams lineups. All of these constitute an important basis for match ecosystem.

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