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FIFA 16 Soundtrackfifa 14 demo

2018-03-05 07:24 provenance:未知 sentiment: comments(0

Lykke Li I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix)

FIFA 16 includes 42 soundtracks performed by 48 artists from 15 different countries.

Ellie Gouding-Lights(I know this is old but it is a good song!)

Here you can listen to all FIFA 16 songs and music titles (including their lyrics), click on the song title in the soundtrack list to watch its music video and read the lyrics.

Since NHL 16 will not include music on EA Trax, some good Metal & Rock tunes should be added in FIFA 16 soundtrack. Please comment any other Metal or Rock songs that you want to hear on the game.

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Great playlist, I think fifa 16 soundtracks are the best fifa musics.

The Chemical Brothers Sometimes I Feel So Deserted

Good music track, I think the best one after FIFA 15 soundtrack. FIFA 12s also was great, but fifa 16 musics are good too.

This is the best FIFA soundtrack ever, cause it features BANNERS, Of Monsters and Men, Years and Years and many more of my best Indie singers

The Chemical Brothers Sometimes I Feel So Deserted

Breaking Benjamin Breaking the Silence/Defeated

label: fifa 14 demo

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