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Download FTS 18 APK First Touch Soccer 2018 Mod OBB Data F

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Till nowFirst Touch Gameshas released five installments of the First TouchSoccergame, all of them are enlisted below:

Step 7 Enjoy the FTS latest version on your mobile.

Live Commentary During the game you will also enjoy the background music and commentary in the voice of expert commentators. We are sure, you will definitely love this game and feel yourself in the field. You can also change the language in FTS 2018.

After installation of FTS 18 you will come to know the game offers more than what it says and has also a glimpse ofFIFA 2018 world cup. Lets jump on to the quick review of all the features of first touch soccer 18 APK and check out what the game has to offer to its fans.

Minimum 400 MB free space on your mobile phone.

Fist Touch Soccer 2018 FTS 18 APK Download Free

You will find many other soccer andfootball games in Google Play Storebut FTS series is the best among all. It is just because of its realistic game play. FTS 18 offers you to create your own teams, squads, players, manager and many other interesting features. These unique features revolutionized the trend of soccer games available for mobile phones.

You will get reward points and coins as you will progress in the game. You can utilize your earning on upgrading your current squad abilities, buying new players, kits and lot more. Such improvements will improve the overall efficiency and performance of your team. It will also give boost to your chances of winning the big tournaments and leagues.

Step 2 Copy the downloaded FTS18 Zip file into your phone.

If you face any trouble in the above mentioned steps, you can watch the FTS 18 APK installation video tutorial:

You will have smooth gaming experience if you meet above mentioned requirements.

DOWNLOAD FTS 18 OBBHow to Install FTS 18 APK File

Best thing of creating your own club in First Touch Soccer 2018 is that you can include your favorite players in single team. Apart from that you can select colors of your team kit and buy additional players. Cant disclose more about FTS18, lets keep other features and game modes a surprise for you. You will be surprised when you will do FTS 2018 download.

First Touch Soccer 18 is more realistic as compare to FTS-15, 16 and FTS 17.

Step 3 Now, open downloaded .zip file with Zarchiver

Updated background sounds, melodies and songs.

So guys what are you waiting for? It is your time to jump into football field and do some action by joining your favorite football team or club. Dont miss all the action on your smartphone.

Playing Multiplayer The latest version of first touch soccer 2018 APK has the option of playing multiplayer. But you need to have an internet connectivity to challenge your friends or other online players.

You will get more enhance gaming experience when you will install mod FTS 18 APK file in your mobile. Some of the highlighted features of mod APK are:

Everything inFTS 2018 APK mod new versionis amazing and the number of downloads are increasing day by day. Starting your career as a player or a manager, both will give you an excellent experience and you will love it.

These are some big leagues that you can play but there are many other small leagues that you can also enjoy. You can select your team kit, stadium, players of your choice and much more with the latest mods of FTS 18. When it comes to selection of football clubs, you can select from the following ones:

Learnhow to download FTS 18. Well, downloading and installation of FTS 18 APK is very easy. We will share the APK file and all you need to do is to download it on your phone and install it. Click on the button below for FTS 2018 download APK file on your device.

You can now play with players like Rashford, Ascensio, Mbappe.

FTS 18APKis the latest installment of the famous game First Touch Soccer. FTS18, developed and published by First Touch Games, known for developing football games. In the past, the banner with incorporation of X2 Games, releasedFTS14, 15, 16, and FTS 17gained a lot of success in play stores. It is available for smartphones running on Android and iOS operating systems.

DOWNLOAD NOWFTS 18 Mod APK Download and Features

With the release of FTS 18, now your gaming experience will not be limited to the friendly one-on-one matches or limited competitions. Now you can create your own tournament, decide the number of participants, create your team and squad, you can also become manager of the time and watch your team playing. Below you will find a link for freeFTS 18 APKdownload, just sit tight to learn about more features of the game.

FTS 15 was one of the most successful installment of the game and still many android users are enjoying it. But now with the release of latest version people are more interested to play and enjoy the latest features of the game. Here is short video trailer ofFTS 18 gameplay:

The first thing that everyfootballlover looks into a game is the availability of his favorite club and the number of leagues. The previous versions of FTS, focused on international teams and faced a lot of criticism. Football fans love to see their favorite players playing in one team. In FTS 2018, you can create your own football club and provides the freedom of adding the players of your choice. You will enjoy playing following leagues in android FTS 18:

Gives you freedom of buying players, kits etc. with unlimited coins.

Below you will find some screenshots, that gives an idea of FTS 18 game play and graphics:

Android 4.0 or above (Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat)

Some players have no close resemblance to real life players.

Attractive Visuals First Touch Soccer 18 is offering the most realistic gaming experience on mobile devices. Developers have taken care of minor details like movement of players, ball, reaction after goal, music and football grounds.

Step 4 Copy DATA folder and OBB folder

New FTS 18 Kits If you want to get rid of old first touch soccer kits simply download FTS 18 and see your favorite players and teams in new Jerseys. You also have a freedom to create your own jersey or can download and import complete kits for FTS18.

You can equip your team with latest and updated jerseys.

Following are requirements, you need to fulfill to enjoy first touch soccer on your Android phone:

Manager Mode If you want to step into the shoes of manager and can enjoy doing all the things that a real football team manager do in the field. As a manager everything will be under your full control. With this power you can make all the necessary changes in your football team.

FTS 18 is one of the best football games for android phones. It offers a gaming experience that is close to reality. You can create your own teams, select kits for them, choose the manager of your choice and lot more. We have shared a video tutorial on how to install FTS 18 file on your device. If you face in problem at an stage while installing FTS, write us in the comments box given below.

Mesmerizing Graphics You will be able to enjoy uniquely designed and eye catching graphics infirst touch soccer 2018 APK. These beautiful features are added to provide best gaming experience to the users. It is the most important thing that every game lover looks for in every game. Developers have worked really hard to provide the users a gaming experience that is close to reality. You wont find any football game with such an excellent graphics and user experience. FTS 18 is designed using the latest mobile technology and you will fall in love with the game graphics.

Follow the Here is a complete step by step guide on installation of APK FTS 18 android devices. Follow the steps carefully any wrong move at any step will interpret the installation process which will result in unsuccessful installation of game.

FTS 17 was one of the most downloaded soccer games on mobile and nowFTS 18is also gaining the same popularity. First touch soccer 2018 offers a lot of entertaining features and game modes that wasnt present in older versions of the game. Game faced huge criticism among one of the most criticized games onMetaCriticbut it also received massive amount positive reviews from football lovers.

New Players Addition Installation ofFTS 18 APK latest versionwill provide you access to all the new players. You can now recruit players of your choice and compile a strong football club to challenge others.

Energizing Background Music & Songs Newly added background music tracks are very energetic and it really push the players to perform better while playing the game. The new version of FTS 18 game also include latest energetic songs by famous singers that will keep you motivated and boost performance as well.

You will enjoy listening new songs in the background.

You can download FTS 18 mod file by clicking the download button given below:

Step 6 Go back to FTS 2018 zip file and run the .APK file (If it throws an error, dont worry try again)

Easy Game Controllers For controlling your player you will find a handsome and smoothly working movement control system on your mobile screen. This will help you to move your player and for shooting, passing and dodging will also be present on right of your screen with labels A, B and C. On installation ofFTS 18 downloaded APKfile, you will come to know how easy it is to perform all the actions.

The gameplay is much more fast as compare to previous version.

DOWNLOAD NOWLook Back at Previous Installments of First Touch Soccer (FTS)

Make sure that you copy the FTS 18 Data and OBB folder properly. If these files not copied properly you may face trouble in installation of game.

OBB and Data folder plays a vital role in the installation of FTS 18 APK file, without these two folders installation process wont be completed. Both these folders include important file packages like media and graphics that supports the application. So before moving to process of installing FTS18, be careful dealing with OBB and data files. Now, without much talks lets jump on to method of installing the APK file manually.

Step 5 Paste the copied files in Android folder.

Mostly gamers give priority to these three things: gameplay, graphics and controls. Below we are going to discuss each one in detail, so sit tight.

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