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nba 2k16nba live 2008 ??2008(nba 2008)??

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[NBA LIVE 08??]Pass Switch Player [x] Shott? Take Charge??[d] Pra-Hop/ Rebound/Block/? [e] Dunk/Lay-up/ Steal [s] Turbo Turbo [Shift] Direct Pass?? Direct Switch?? [Ctrl] Back Down Defensive Assistant? [c] Alley-oop? Take Charge?? [a] Call Timeout? Intentional Foul?[q] Pause?? Pause?? [ESC] Crossover/Spin Move/ [space ] Off-Ball[r]



??NBA LIVE?????????????NBA LIVE 06???NBA LIVE 07????????????????LIVE 08?????

NBA LIVE08EA?2k Sports??????2007?????????NBA LIVE 08???

label: nba 2k16

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