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NBA playoffs 2017 First-round predictions from NBA 2K17?nba

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What oddsmakers see as the most competitive series didnt turn out that way in the simulations. Though many of the series were competitive going six?or seven?games, Los Angeles came out on top in 13 of the 15.

This was a pretty competitive series which saw Toronto usually win in six or seven?games. The young Bucks team put up a fight but the Raptors and home court were just too much.

In the one big shocker from the Playoff simulation?its the No. 8?seeded Bulls stunning the Celtics. In betting odds this series is more like a 3/6 than a 1/8, ?but still this would be a big upset. Chicago won most often 4-1 while Boston generally took six?games when it advanced. This series only went to seven?games twice, so the video game seems to think one team will find confidence and momentum early and ride that to the next round.

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NBA 2K17 clearly vors Atlanta in what should be one of the more intriguing matchups in the first round. Six of its series wins however went all the way to seven?games, so the series was competitive despite the result ultimately being the Hawks advancing.

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The NBA Playoffs begin this weekend and typically there arent many surprises to come out of those seven game first round series. To get an idea of whether any might be on the horizon this year however we turned to NBA 2K17 to simulate them. Each series was simulated 15 times with accurate rosters and playoff rotations to get the best idea possible of how the specific matchups may play out.

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Is San Antonio vulnerable in the matchup with Memphis? NBA 2K17 seems to think so as the Spurs barely edged them out. San Antonio usually won 4-2 when it did advance but the Grizzlies had some dominant showings even managing to sweep the Spurs twice.

The battle between the two MVP candidates, Russell Westbrook and James Harden, turned out to be as close as they come. The Rockets overall won in more impressive shion as they finished off Oklahoma City several times in sweeps or five?games. On the other side the Thunder needed seven?games on three?occasions and six games in its other four?victories.

The struggles of the Cavs since the All-Star Break are nowhere to be seen here as LeBron James and company steamrolled the Pacers. Cleveland swept Indiana five?times though they were taken to a seventh game on two?different occasions.

Golden State had no trouble dispatching the Blazers, winning all 15 series and never once being pushed to a full seven?games. The Warriors won 4-1 in 8 of the simulations and pulled off four?sweeps.

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