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FUT Web App

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A: You will need an EA Account, a copy of FIFA 18, and a FUT 18 Club before you can use the web app or companion app.

Because football never stops, keep your FUT Club close at hand while you are away from your console or PC.

Keep tabs on market activity and important transfers. The Transfer Market lets you list items from your Club and bid on new Players, Consumables, and everything needed to build your Ultimate Team!

The Companion App is available for Android and iOS. Our minimum requirements for mobile operating systems is Android 4.4.2 or newer and iOS 9.3 or newer.Q: How do multiple accounts work?A: Your EA account is tied to an e-mail address that is used to login to the FUT Web App. An EA account can have multiple Personas tied to it, for example if you play on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. If you have multiple Personas tied to your account, you can switch between them in FUT Web using the Persona Selector in the Settings menu. To login to a different account, you will need to sign out completely.Q: Can I be logged into my Console/PC and FUT Web at the same time?A: You cannot use the FUT Web App or Companion App while you are logged into the Console or PC version of FUT 18. When logging out of FUT on your Console or PC, always ensure that you go back to the main FIFA menu before shutting your system off, otherwise you will need to wait to login to the Web App.Q: Why do I need to do in order to access the Transfer Market?To ensure the Transfer Market is a ir experience for all players, we need to make sure you and all players are playing by our rules.

Exchange players from your Club for exciting rewards through Squad Building Challenges, as you combine players to check off requirements. Increase the challenge with Custom Bricks by linking Nationality, Leagues, and Clubs for more complex chemistry.

Impress your friends with your best players and squad building skills on Web and Mobile. Unique URLs will let you share your squad with anyone online.

Build out your Club with Packs that can be purchased with Coins or FIFA Points. The FIFA 18 Companion App ensures youll never miss a special Pack offer or lightning round.

To protect your account, we also ask that you setup a FUT Security Question on your Console or PC version of FUT 18, and that you secure your EA Account withLogin Verification.Q: How Does Early Web Start Work?A: Qualified returning users from FUT 17 will be able to login to the Web App for a limited time before FIFA 18 launches.

FUT 18 Accounts for PlayStation?4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation?3, and Xbox 360 can use the FUT Web App and Companion App. Nintendo Switch Accounts are not supported on the Web App or Companion App.

If you created a FUT 17 account between September 27th 2016 and August 1st 2017 and logged in on your Console or PC you should be able to access early web and mobile start.

Get your squad ready for your next big match while on-the-go. Manage your Club, including Players, Managers, and Consumables. Share your best squad with friends through unique share links!

In this brand-new feature, complete Daily and Weekly management and transfer challenges to earn unique rewards no matter where you are. The Web and Companion app can also be used to check console or PC gameplay objectives.

While we try to let everyone in, there are some accounts that will not make it in. If you were banned in FIFA 17 or deleted your club at any point, you will not gain access to early web start.Q: What is required to use the apps?A: The Web App will only work with newer web browsers that support our features. Your web browser must support WebGL. We recommend always using the latest version of your vourite browser. The Web App will work on Google Chrome, Sari (Mac Only), Firefox, Edge, or Opera. Internet Explorer support is limited to version 11 only. When using the Web App on a mobile device or tablet, we support Mobile Chrome (iOS and Android) or Sari (iOS).

Download the FIFA 18 Companion App today to take your FUT experience on the go! Available for Android and iOS mobile devices and tablets.

Playing FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) on your console or PC as you normally would should unlock your access to the Transfer Market on Web and Companion apps.

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