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FIFA 18 Origin Key GLOBAL

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Play as legends of football - become Cristiano Ronaldo, Il Fenomeno and others, each coming complete with their signature movement and bearing lifelike cial features

There is no I in team, andFIFA 2018AI reflects that in gameplay. Now computer-controlled players do not act as lone wolves, but consider the situation on the pitch and their teammates to decide on a course of action.Now playing against the AI is a bigger challenge than before: you no longer play against 11 individual players, but a full team!

FIFA 18 (PC)is a new instalment of the venerable football simulation franchise. It arrives with a broad selection of improvements to bring the game closer to life without sacrificing the fun at the centre of it all. If you ncy football simulators, FIFA 18 is among the must-haves for your library!

FIFA 2018uses the Frostbite engine to its full capacity, providing gamers with a near-lifelike experience. The stadiums are rendered in meticulous detail, recreated ithfully beyond just the pitch. The spectators are now more varied, animated, and react better to your actions. See them rally and rave as you score an awesome goal.The players look even closer to life than before, with excellently recreated cial features and even running styles. FIFA moves ever closer to broadcast quality of visuals!

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FIFA 18 (PC) for Originplatform is a digital product no box included. Thepriceapplies to a digital version of the product.

Profitable buying & sellingin large quantities starts here

Note: Remember that you will receive yourkeyno later than upongame release day.

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your players react realistically to an increased number of situations with an expanded and improved animation gallery. Vastly improved dribbling will have you stun your opponents with excellent footwork. Receive the oncoming ball more defensively, if you choose to. With frame-by-frame animation adjustments you can adjust your actions on the fly.Thanks to six new archetypes, you wont see a tall player run and dribble the same way a short one does. Improvements all around!

Improved animations - react ster to the events around you, and enjoy the expanded selection of actions you can take thanks to the huge animation gallery

Improved player AI - whether on your side or on the other, AI players now think of the team before themselves!

Realistic crowds - the spectators are now more varied, they react more energetically to your actions, and you can even interact with them if you want!

The classic, long running football simulator is back for another year.FIFA 18brings with it better animations, better physics, polished gameplay, and improved The Journey mode. Become a new football legend, lead your team to the cup, and have your ns crazy about your wonder goals.

Continue Alex Hunters story - The Journey from FIFA 17 returns, taking Hunter abroad, and letting you customise his appearance to your liking

The story mode from FIFA 17 returns, and the character you guided through it continues his career. Take Alex hunter abroad and see him make his way to the hall of me. The decisions you make matter more than before and help you shape Hunters journey. Now you can also customise Alexs appearance, with a selection of finest football player haircuts, tattoos, and more.Its not just the English Premier League, this time you get to aim even higher.

Are you tired of having to select substitutions through unwieldy menus? FIFA 18 lets you pick them whenever the ball is out play through just a handful of button presses! Do you like scoring wonder goals at every occasion? Now you can, long shots are devastatingly efficient and as satisfying to pull of as youd expect! A perfect balance between realism and fun

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