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1 MILLION SUBSCRIBERSleague of legends reddit

2017-05-23 16:10 provenance:未知 sentiment: comments(0

1 Million Subscribers!(self.leagueoflegends)

Reminder: Jayce is still missing animations and effects on all of his skins (including classic)(self.leagueoflegends)

Why doesnt Xpeke and Origen sign entire Fnatic Academy line up with him as mid(self.leagueoflegends)

submitted16 hours ago*byOpop969I played him before he was cool.

submitted5 hours agobyEnzeroth_ftnaKISS

submitted14 hours agobycorylulu

use the following search parameters to narrow your results:

submitted18 hours agobyTeamROCCATOfficial ROCCAT Reddit Account

submitted4 hours agobyhehehuehue

submitted7 hours agobyTeamRoyalFlush

I feel the announcement of who the NiP coach is gonna be got drowned out too much by their surprising roster(self.leagueoflegends)

submitted12 hours agoby----------_--------

submitted13 hours agobyhallomeister

SKT is at a point where nothing less than perfection is acceptable(self.leagueoflegends)

Gigabyte Marines top laner - Stark, has left the team for schooling (Vietnamese website, please translate)(

Pulsfire ezreals Q doesnt apply crit Stattik shiv when 100% crit chance. every other skin does.(self.leagueoflegends)

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submitted17 hours agobyBlueAdmiral

submitted6 hours agobyGoldenage10

Tonight, we hunt! Pridestalker joins Team ROCCAT!(

submitted18 hours agobyNajnsSKT T1 Rumble pls

submitted12 hours ago*byThe_Cactopus

submitted14 hours agobyFamousOlSpiced

Summit1g mind boggling outplay(self.leagueoflegends)

submitted2 hours agobyhoangzrnb

Ninjas in Pyjamas have secured the Fnatic Academy European League Championship spot and will field a completely new roster and coach

Esports Salon Ep 6: Franchising and Region-Locking (feat. Jack, Noah Whinston and MonteCristo) Thorin

Whatever comes out of the new Riots international event, all I hope for is that it includes a loser bracket. It drastically helps to reduce you drew SKT so you are out immediately issue.(self.leagueoflegends)

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Sneaky & Meteos: Same League Animation Workshop

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submitted13 hours ago*byKaasaak

submitted20 hours agobyLinkux18Unlucky

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We created Senna, the wife of Lucian as a skin for Miss Fortune.

Lee Sin gets instant Karma(self.leagueoflegends)

Introducing the Best Of /r/leagueoflegends The ENTIRE history of the subreddit edition!(self.leagueoflegends)

submitted21 hours ago*bySwiollvfer

submitted1 day agobyhey_its_griff[M]-announcement

submitted21 hours ago*bySimplifyEUWbeamz - EUW[M]-announcement

Klajs tweets regarding the Reddit hate towards NiP gaming.(self.leagueoflegends)

Amazing on Twitter Extremely disappointed. Hope the community will see it similarly, and I can imagine there to be quite the backlash with the upcoming news.(self.leagueoflegends)

[AMA] Were the team that did the client. Ask. Us. Anything.(self.leagueoflegends)

submitted23 hours agobyGejleOpa[]

Just a reminder that LoL Esports Flickr is amazing.(self.leagueoflegends)

submitted10 hours ago*bylolgambler


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