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last chaos gameLast Chaos top

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We running on latest files all features New necklace, titles, items, affinitys,specials set for castellan owners and more

[community with 2 year old]+1200 cash per 2 vote and 50 cash online time[VOTECASH+ONLINETIMECASH]Exp x120 Sp FREE gold x40 Affinity x60 Ep3 content Full Dungeons all time 24 7 MasterStone Guild Emblems Ex-Rogue and Archmage etc Come And Join Us

All Rates Fixed - Max level Ep3 200 and Ep4 2015 March 185 - Event Shop for Time Online - Vote for Cash - Paymenwall System - Server in USA - Global Server ACTIVE COMMUNITY HELPFUL STAFFCOME JOIN NOW

Grand reopening of Last Chaos - Lagends Returns private server Free items for first 50 players and lot more Oh and rates are 9999x for now

High Rate, PvP Fun, EP3 Skill System, EP3 Cooldown System, No Elements, PvP Web Store, No Ex-Characters,Own Ranking System, No Ignition, Cash NPC, New Titles/Lacaball/Moonstone, Raid System extended, etc

Exp :25 FP:100 / Skills Free Drop:15 Gold:15 Quest :15Ep4 Content With New Things Coustme Cast Content Channel 1-3 100 cast Mp Con Channel 4 Old Cast SystemLevel Cap : 185 Costume Quests / Online Time Cash 15 Min / 35 cash

Welcome to AsgardLC we offer a lot of features like Loyal Point System, Reworked Phoenix System, Custom Ranking System, New Titles/Items/Quests,reworked rewards for moonstone and lacaball, no masterstones, no elements, anti cheat system etc

FULL EP3+CUSTOM CONTENT - Start lvl 1- Exp x- - SP FREE - Drop x50 - Level Cap 180 - Full access to Ex-Rogue and Arch Mage -Custom Raids - Custom Maps - Custom Pets - Exclusive Devs working full time, Great Staff and much more

EP3: Exp x60 - Max level 185 - Vote for free Cash - Daily Quests Free SPWe have easy dungeons,high HS drops,items drop with plus,Wicked Shop NPCs and custom pets This is a great INT style ep3 server with all the trimmings of a private server

9999 / 999 / 999 REAL RATES, Professional staff team, 100 BUG free, protection, 24 / 7 online, DDoS Protected, Helpful community, Real 500+ online players Join NOW

[Are you tired of those servers that close after 2 months] - [We have 3 years of stable service] - We increased our Leveling/Farming speed Get ready to PVP in NO TIME

Starter Quest LVL 90 with -k sp - EXP x100 - SP x0 - Gold x15 - Drop x30 - Pet Exp x200 - Friendly Staff - Daily Events - Time to Cash system - Pet Cover System - DCS - MCS Twince a Week 1ST 10 PLAYERS TO JOIN WILL GET WELCOME PACK - 1ST RANKED OF EACH CLASS WILL HAVE CUSTOM

Last Chaos Azerbaycan EP3 Official ServerMaks Seviyye 185x30 EXP x- EXP [Dungeon Time] x30 Gold x50 Drop Custom x10 P1 Pet x10 P2 Pet HS +10 Safe Max Plus +28

Best and custom EP2 server: EXP x50 SP x0 [Free SP] Drop x400 Gold x10 Ignition x20 Dungeon +200 All EP2 features working and custom stuff Come and join us

Keep It Simple EP4 LC - Over 1 year opened - Experienced staff - Online Cash - Cap lvl 185 - Custom Maps, Gear, Monsters PvP Token System New players everyday, Old ones still here join now

Last Chaos episode 2[Level Cap: 200EXP: x100 Drop: x25 SP: x30, w/ free skills Gold: Custom P1/P2 Pet Exp: Custom Custom Seals In Game Customes NPC Jewels NPCCash NPC Friendly Staff members]

FULL EP3 USA SERVER - Rates: x15 Experience, x25 Drop, x1 Gold, 0 Skill Points Required - Working Guild Bank, Emblems, Master Stone NPC More - Were Vendetta, what did you expect

Starter Quest LVL 90 with -k sp/EXP x100/SP x0/Gold x15/Drop x30/Pet Exp x200/Friendly Staff/Daily Events/Time to Cash system/Pet Cover System/DCS/MCS Twince a Week 1ST 10 PLAYERS TO JOIN WILL GET WELCOME PACK/1ST RANKED OF EACH CLASS WILL HAVE CUSTOM

Since 2009 - Longest open and most stable LC Private Server - EP4 fully updated - Exclusive Custom Content - High Rates - Balanced PvP - Active Staff - Daily Events - Daily Buffs - Double Event Weekends - Loyal Donator Rewards - Starter Pack

Hysteria 35 EP3 max lvl 230 EXP x25 SP X75 skills free drop x30 P1 pet custom P2 pet Custom new armor weapons pet and more coming soon

UniverseLC20 - The new EP2 Last Chaos Private Server Join usAlot of custom stuff - friendly staff that talk every language - Max level 175 - Exp rates x30 - Dungeon time 400 24/7 On - Ignition x20 - Affinity x20 and more

Nivel Maximo 230 x60 EXP x100 EXP Tiempo Dungeon x30 Oro x30 Drop x50 P2 Mascotas x85 Celestiales Mejora Maxima +18 Con Master Stone +23 Shop Online

EP3 Fantasy LC- Max lvl 225- Online Free Cash- Faction system- Realm vs Realm- Good rates- Skills free- 100 cast- Come and Join Our Community

Welcome by Omega LastChaosJoin us nowVote 4 Cash - Online 4 Cash - Exp x15 - Sp x20 - Gold x20 - Drop x15 - Max Plus +26 - Weekly Events - 24/7 Active Staff

A New Adventure Of LastchaosRates : Exp:25 Sp : 100 : Gold/Drop : Costumed P1 P2 : 65Start Lvl 1 level Cap 193 Much New Items And Stuff Friendly Staff

LC Addicting is a free lc episode 3 server, with Experience: x500/ Drop Rate: x500/ Gold: x500/ Sp Rate: x250/ Aff rate: x250/ IGNITION: 100x/ HS600x/ DEVILRUNE: 35x/ PRUNE: 350x/ MAX LEVEL 185

Exp x200SP x0 All skills are freeGold x20Drop rate x50Upgrade 99Pet Exp x200Start level 100 with EquipmentCap level 250

Exp: x 50 Sp: 30 Gold: Costum Affinity: x25 Upgrade: till +12 safe, till +18 80, Nairat x15 Mondshine x4 Tarian x25 Tarian Dungeon x15 Skills are Free Online Cash Lvl Cap: 200 Come and join us now

New fun ep3 server Enjoy the game with custom features and a good experience gaming An amazing staff ready to listen your tips to improve the server Join us now


Extended LastChaos - Full custom Episode 3 server - The New LC Saga - High EXP Rates, New style PVP, Fast SP, Fast Gold, Upgrades 90 and a very funny and active staff New features, events armors and very funny events every week Ready to be a Legend Start your story on Extended

New Server- Free to Play- Private EP2 Last Chaos- Max Level 260-Exp 100- Upgrade Rate 80-Skill Cost 0 Sp- Custom Armor and Accessories-New PVP Dungeons-All New Custom Guild Hall Helpful and Friendly Staff NEW Event Juno

Attitude stands for attractive, creative,remake of your gaming experience We made it to our mission to bring you closer to this adventure and now we present a new,based on EP2 Files Last Chaos

[Prototyp Lc Ep3]Max lvl 185, Free Cash Online + Vote for Cash,Cheap Cash prices, Good rates,Skills for free,Jewels for free,Maximal plus +28 100 upgrade saved, Stable Server, a nice Saff Team and many more Come and join us

Deutscher Ep3 Server Max Level 185 Stay-online cashExp x50, Sp x40, Gold x20, Drop x40 Quest Cap Ruessi , Titel und mehr Sehr aktives Team und einem Server mit noch viel Spiel Spass Out Votes sind Votes die nur das das Captcha nicht gemacht haben

Servidor Totalmente en CastellanoCustom RatesSistema de FaccionesSistema de Hadas Custom RatesLevel Cap 185Mercado web y Mucho mas A que esperas Veni

Tenacious Last Chaos Latest Files Custom PvP System Custom EXP Rates Free SP Max Level 250 Max Upgrade +30 Friendly Staff Updates Weekly Lots of Custom Content Balanced PvP Always open to Suggestions Join this growing community and take part in the action

Curse Chaos Ep3 stable dedicated server of Last Chaos with Ep3, LvL Cap 175, Server Buff Events, Server Rate are: EXP:100x, SP:100x, GOLD:50x, PETS:100x, GM online everyday, Mode PvP-PvM, great comunity, Join now

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