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Chaos Online - MOBA Diablo Stylelast chaos game Game - Play

2016-06-28 06:07 provenance:未知 sentiment: comments(0

Game BackgroundChaos is the first multi-hero, 3D ARPG web game which is based on western myth. It tells a story that when the God disappears, a battle starts between the Admodian and the Protoss. The Protoss was getting weaker after the battle. On the contrary, human beings rose up and began to fight against the Admodian. All await for the return of the God. The player is the main character of the game as a solider of the empire, meanwhile, the player has the gene of both the Asmodian and the Protoss. In the game, the player will join to settle the riots of the Air Battle, kill ferocious beast, and challenge the dragon who tries to attack the empire. In the game, player will be able to explore Space Battle, challenge elite instance, escort the airship, and join the events like Arena, Camp Battle, Wild Area Hunting, and Guild War.

DearDear Players,Were excited to launch a brand new Goddess of War Open Beta Server 6 on Decenmber 9 9:00 am CST. The current top level will be 80 and player data wont be deleted. As the exclusive Publisher of Goddess of War US version, Joywar is proud to present this epic web game to all US players. Based on western mythology, Goddess of War is the very first multi-hero, 3D Action RPG web game which tells a story that when the Universe Creator disappears, a fierce battle starts between the Admodian and the Protoss. After the ll of Protoss, huma...

Dear players, Starting from GOW (Chaos) first Alpha Test until now, almost a year has passed. Because of your participation and great suggestions, GOW continues to improve and becomes a more complete game. Through a few months of continuous development and improvements, GOWs brand new version will be launched on the JOYWAR platform next week (gow.joywar1

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