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Heroes of the Storms latest update nerfs pushing power and a

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On top of those changes, there are tweaks to several characters, with major changes to Hanzo, Malfurion, and Garrosh. You can read theHeroes of the Storm 2.0 patch noteshere for the full rundown of all of the changes that went live with yesterdays update.

Heroes of the Storms 2018 gameplay update will be the focus of next weeks AMA

The latest Heroes of the Storm update went live yesterday. Alongside new hero Blaze, 2018s first major update has brought in significant changes to several of the games major systems, which the games development team have highlighted.

A developer comment in the patch notes says that the team is overall happy with the direction of the update, but there have been some unintended side effects that were hoping to remedy.

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Blizzard are also reducing the power of Regeneration Globes, saying were not comfortable with how much they are currently benefiting the team that is ahead while they are pushing into a defending team.

The first of those is the impact of unlimited ammo on structures, which has resulted in pushing mechanics becoming too strong, and lower game times on nearly all maps. To counter that, Blizzard are giving our towers some of their teeth back, which should help teams hold pushes, as well as tweaking mercenary camps and bosses to reduce early-game pushing power.

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Here areBlazes talents and abilities in Heroes of the Storm.

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