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Heroes of the Storm explains team leveling in its latest int

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And remember: In the early stages of the game, youdontneed to secure a kill to gain the XP advantage. All you need to do is bully someone around force them back to their healing well or, best case scenario, force them to hearth back to base to heal up. Push them out of range of your minions and youre good to go.

These details and more are all laid out in theHeroesteamslatest Core Concepts guide. Even veteran players would benefit from reading it; Ive been playing the game since its technical alpha test and still didnt know precisely how mercenary XP works. (For the record: You get half of the XP for defeating a group of mercenaries and the other half when theyre actually captured.)

player playing for the first time for theMalthaels Bargain event, perhaps some mechanics might seem strange or unintuitive at first. Even if youre coming from another MOBA like, leveling and experience works in ways you might not expect. In, all experience is shared and your team levels together. Securing the final blow on an enemy minion isnt required for earning XP; you simply need to be in proximity of a minion upon its death.

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During my playtime, Ive foundHeroes of the Stormplayers often underestimate the importance of experience and leveling up. Leaving a lane completely empty is a huge detriment; if a minion wave dies without a player there to soak up its XP, thats XP youve lost forever, whereas a fort, tower, or keep will always be there waiting for you. During those early stages of a game, if you can bully your opponent out of your lane, you can denytheirability to earn XP. However, you should be cautious: if youre the one who gets bullied, or you get reckless trying to get a kill, you could be the one who ends up dead. That not only gives the opposing team XP from killing you, but theyll still get all of their XP from their line while you arent getting any at all.

If youre a truly new player, you might want to look back onHeroes of the StormsBattleground Basics guide, too. Its a solid primer for beginner mechanics and terminology.

Falling behind in XP is the surest way to lose a game. If your opponents are higher level than you are, they have more damage and more health than you do. If they hit level 10 before you do, they have their Heroic abilities and you dont. When theyve become more powerful, it becomes easier for them to deny XP from you by bullying you out of a lane or away from objectives, increasing their lead. If you make earning experience a priority, as well as denying it from your enemies, youll re much better than teams who abandon lanes altogether.

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