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Game Overview

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: Health bars, attacking enemies, healing, and when to tuck tail and run.

Things You Should Know After Playing the Tutorial

: Enthusiastic, single-minded, team-oriented. Also, great cannon fodder.

: Slinging spells and using skills, easy as pie.

: Defeat them at their camp to gain their service.

: Press Z to summon your mount and move ster.

You can play alone, randomly matched players, or with your friends; you can play against the computer or other human beings; you can play ranked or just for fun The point is, there are a LOT of ways to play. This page will help you sort it all out.

: Press B to teleport back to your base. (Cards? What cards?)

A comprehensive look at how Specialist, Assassin, Support, and Warrior heroes differ from each other. Covers strengths, weaknesses, and helps you find a role that matches your play style.

Those are the basics of Heroes of the Storm. Enough to play and have fun, but a r cry from complete mastery of the game. Whats that? Youd like to master the Storm? Well, we can certainly assist you with that. Like we said: were here to help.

: Hurt like hell; make sure you have some minions with you.

Before you do anything else,download the game and play the tutorial. Its fun, its free, and itll teach you the foundations of Heroes of the Storm better than any webpage ever could. But once youre done, come back and learn about all the things the tutorial doesnt cover.

: Getting your hero from A to B should be second nature.

This guide was crafted for players who are new to Heroes of the Storm and want to learn more. Even if you are miliar with other games of this type, you might still want to peruse this guide. There are more than a few ways in which Heroes of the Storm does not play by traditional genre rules.

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