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Ten Ton HammerHeroes of the Storm

2017-06-17 17:46 provenance:未知 sentiment: comments(0

Moved Ragnaros to A+ Tier.His Q was hit a little too much, I fear. Especially when hes fighting for a place versus Alarak.

High basic attack damage, two strong Heroic abilities and an escape make her a safe and valuable pick

Incredible mobility, high damage and and an ability to dive in and escape make him strong. Unfortunately hes easy to counter-draft against and is challenging to play well.

Amazing mobility, sustain and utility. A no brainer.

Huge survivability thanks to her trait as well as some powerful crowd control skills.

Tier C -Very low pick rate Heroes and not considered viable.

To read the latest guides, news, and features you can visit ourHeroes of the StormGame Page.

Good damage but a kit thats unpredictable and somewhat luck based if youre to hit anyone. Shes niche and requires excellent aim. Best used on Towers of Doom/Warhead Junction.

Added Malthael to A Tier awaiting placement.Also added his guide.

Her stun is good and her trait useful. Much improved as a support hero after her rework.

His rework is solid. Fantastic only on large Battlegrounds where he can happily split push.

Struggling on Hanamura?Heres our advice on how to win the Battleground.

Strong healing, utility and mobility with a strong slow. Two very powerful Heroics.

Excellent poke in Lightning Fury, solid mitigation against basics, but very vulnerable to crowd control.

Want more understanding on why weve rated some of our warriors?Heres my best 5 and why.

Heroes of the Storm: Our Best Advice For Season 4

High utility and the best single target healing and shielding in the game make her a strong pick. Unfortunately shes easy to draft against. Best as a last pick.

Need advice on drafting during Hero League?Look no further.

A burst heal, mobility, vision (if needed) and a clutch-heal Heroic. Very strong in the right hands, with surprisingly good damage.

Good burst from her Snipe but thats literally all she has.

Great AOE pressure, good zoning potential with Phoenix and high damage output.

This page will always show the latest Heroes of the Storm Tier List for ranked, competitive play. If you are looking for a Quick Match alternative you can visit thepage.

Fantastic burst healing, a solid talent rework and his stun remains invaluable.

Want an edge over your opponent?Best 5 Heroes To Carry You To Grandmaster

Want more understanding on why weve rated some of our assassins?Heres my best 5 and why.

Want more understanding on why weve rated some of our specialists?Heres my best 5 and why.

Low mobility but a ton of sustain. Capable of pushing well thanks to a large health and mana pool. His Corpse Spiders offer ridiculous poke damage.

Capable lane pusher, but he lacks mobility. His health pool make him a damage sponge; best on large maps.

His crowd control is good, but he lacks mobility. His self-sustain is high and his root so annoying

Moved D.Va to S Tier.Shes like Murky, except with a giant robot instead. Amazing on certain Battlegrounds and very difficult to pin-down in skilled hands.

Need a hand getting to Rank 1 in Hero League?Heres my best advice.

High melee damage, poke through Chain Lightning, self-sustain and an incredible Heroic (Earthquake).

High damage, mobility and global presence. Mighty Gust can often save his team when things go wrong.

A good stun and slow, and very strong in the right hands. Very difficult to play well but can excel in a double-warrior setup.

Need help drafting counterpicks?Heres our quick reference guide.

Strong lane push, global presence, mines that are a headache and a strong Heroic in Evolution. Suffers early game on objective based Battlegrounds as team fights are 4 v 5.

Her blinds are useful and her damage is surprisingly good. A great second support.

Tier S -Heroes which are often first pick, first ban material and are considered top tier.

Global presence, an invaluable stun, self sustain and a ntastic Heroic.

Good lane push, a single-target root and two reasonable Heroic abilities. Best used on small maps where he can rotate lanes quickly.

Tier A -The focal point of balance, these Heroes should see few if any changes.

Tier B -Team compositions generally need to be built around a Hero in this pool to make them viable. They are rarely, if ever, seen in competitive play.

Were proud to release NEXUS, our first free magazine for Heroes of the Storm.

The launch of 2.0 is upon us. Heres a round-up of all the information you need.

A solid choice regardless of composition and plenty of options when he hits level 10.

High burst damage and excellent flexibility. Lacks poke and has a high skill cap but will rarely die. Remains a constant threat almost everywhere.

High single target and DOT damage, mobility, poke and an invaluable slow make Lunara formidable.

Lamb to the Slaughter can guarantee a kill. Drafted properly he can hard carry any team (860 damage basic attacks!).

Eye-watering burst damage and an Heroic that can win games (Void Prison).

Huge burst damage and crowd control thanks to her trait. Amazing wave clear but lengthy cooldowns.

Highly oppressive after his recent buffs; he can zone out any team with ease.

Heroes of the Storm 2.0: All You Need To Know

A Warrior buster that is focused entirely on bringing down double warrior compositions.

Great mobility, valuable disruption, two very strong Heroic abilities and lots of utility.

Solid burst, good utility and a real menace in the right hands (even after her nerfs).

This Heroes of the Storm Tier List is designed to rank Heroes in terms of their strength in the current meta. Although some Heroes are considered niche or balanced, those that arent Tier 1 or 2 shouldnt be considered poor. While any match can be won with any Hero, this list is designed to present you with the strongest.5 June 2017

Heroes of the Storm 2.0: All You Need To Know

Tier A+ -Above the point balance, these Heroes comprise most team compositions and should see only minor changes.

Unrivalled shielding and utility while offering vision and zoning potential through Force Wall. Not always a strong solo support.

Excellent self shielding and a very useful long-duration Blind Heroic. His Blade Dash Phase Prism can cause huge problems.

He might be one-dimensional but he hits hard, has an invaluable knockback and works amazingly well against Diablo.

A nuisance in the right hands and very strong on Braxis Holdout.

Ranged poke, a large instant AOE root, strong heals over time and an incredible silence.

Slow, predictable but strong in the right hands. His constant presence is incredibly frustrating on maps such as Braxis Holdout.

An good kit with flexibility, versatility and most important - damage and poke.

Unrivaled mobility, consistent damage, a powerful Heroic and a nuisance for most Heroes to fight against. Struggles against AA based teams.

Moved Anubarak to S Tier.Nerfed again in the last update. Not quite deserving of S+

Amazing lane push potential, an amazing silence and consistently good damage.

Global presence, shielding, Polymorph, healing, spell damage reduction - ntastic.

A strong kit but a high skill ceiling. In the right hands he can be exceptional. In the wrong hands, a liability.

Were proud to release NEXUS, our first free magazine for Heroes of the Storm.

Excellent healing, valuable crowd control and unrivalled sustain.

In this Heroes of the Storm Tier List we provide Hero rankings based on the current meta and our personal exper

Difficult to play well, mana hungry and but with bags of utility and mobility. Great at engaging and protecting his team.

Amazing burst potential, but requires a strong composition to form around him.

The launch of 2.0 is upon us. Heres a round-up of all the information you need.

Good crowd control, valuable as a second Warrior and solid zoning potential.

Amazing win rates, lots of mobility and crowd control and he slots perfectly into any team.

Recent improvements to her healing from Whirling Blade have helped her enormously.

Tier S+ -These Heroes are undeniably too strong and can be placed in any composition and succeed.

High health pool, amazing survivability if you pursue the Shield/Brew share build.

Difficult to play well but great for soaking experience. They remain very map specific.

Needing some advice on Season 4?Heres our best tips.

Too reliant on his pull, with only one good Heroic (Gorge). There are r better warriors right now, offering r more.

Good zoning potential with his turrets, but surpassed by Probius

Want more understanding on why weve rated some of our supports?Heres my best 5 and why.

With unrivalled poke damage and snowball potential, she can excel in the right hands.

A huge health pool with a strong stun and a guaranteed means of escape. A safe, solid Warrior.

Incredible sustain, ntastic damage and Horrify is a game-changer.

Invaluable shielding, high damage and a good Heroic in Graviton Surge.

Good lane push but relies too much on her trait (which has a hefty cooldown). Better choices in Sylvanas/Nazeebo due to their base kit being stronger.

Season 4 has begun in Heroes of the Storm. Heres Lewis tips for climbing the ladder this time around.

Two Heroes in one, he brings good damage and strong Heroics. Unfortunately hes easy to bring down with the right draft, massively vulnerable to crowd control and ill-suited to large Battlegrounds.

Amazing if he can snowball and so good at picking off low health heroes.

Tier B+ -These Heroes are generally considered good, but require a highly skilled individual to get the most out of them and arent viable in all situations.

Amazing utility, totally unique and a strong support Hero. Sadly hes very difficult to use in a PUG environment.

A very high risk, high reward Hero that requires exceptional positioning. Fantastic damage.

Strong siege potential and high damage if left unchecked. Her range also makes her a real threat but she can be drafted against easily.

Moved Tassadar to A Tier.Much better after his recent improvements to his basic attack range/early Khaa

Lover of all things MOBA, Lewis splits his time between Heroes of the Storm, Paragon and SMITE.

Not as broken as she was, but still strong due to her hard CC and damage. Can be out-drafted and relies almost entirely on her combo. One miss and shes weak.

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